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[sticky post]Welcome To Mean Gyaru Secrets
Cute Gyaru-o
meangyaru wrote in meangyarusecret


If you guys keep requesting to be added to the community and you don't post SECRETS in the submission post, What's the point of lurking?????

Aren't tired of all the bullshit going on in Gyaru_Secrets; like anyone can just simply ask to delete a secret?

Are you tired of cry baby gyarus saying they do not want to be posted on the community, "ever ever again" or "I'll sue!!!1 I have a lawyer and shit"

Are you fed up of it?

Welcome to Mean Gyaru Secrets Y'all

You will need to be a registered Livejournal User to be able to join, see the secrets, and comment on secrets post every week or you won't be able to see the secrets, or comment!!!

Anonymous comments on the public secrets submissions post are enable to keep the secret's poster identity secret. The IP addresses are hidden, so no worries!

You can post about any gyaru, even if they do not want to be in this community, blablabla. You can gossip all you want, without the sass of crybabygals, total freedom, gals!!

The secrets will be posted on Saturdays morning (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)


- Secrets MUST be hosted on Postimage or ImageShack, etc...

- Only secrets pertaining to Gyaru will be posted

- Racisms, death threats and homophobia is NOT allowed, PERIOD

- Any posting of full names is prohibited! The name(s) MUST be censored

- You can post a secret about any gyarus, you can censor they face if you want to

- Secrets are only allowed in the submission posts.

- DO NOT request to not be posted in this community, people are still going to talk about you if you make your shit public on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc

- Oh, and Have Fun!


- Your secrets can be a maximum of 800x700 pixels or vice versa

- They must be hosted on Imgur, Imageshack or Postimage.

- The link to your secret should look like this: " "

- Anonymous secrets are very welcomed, no IP adress recording, so no worries!

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Hello, can you add me please so I can see secrets.

Click on join community, that's all you need to do :)

Do I leave my submissions in the comments of the submission post. If this is mega dumb I'm sorry but i'm new to lj

Yes dear, always there :)

I am logged in but I can't see the secrets!

How to see the secrets? I'm sorry I dont know how to use this site.

Hi. Please add me. I would like to see the secrets!

Is Madrelover the mod? I'd post anything and he'd probably go 'waahhh, u're jealous!' and delete it. Ah, it's too bad! This Mean Secret comm. could've been really good, but not if the mod's a crybaby, unfortunately. I'm def not going to post anything, and it look like everyone else isn't neither....

I'm not lol, no worries:P

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